St.Gallen – the place where the St.Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference was born

A legacy of excellence for individuals with breast cancer.

Copyright: Standortförderung Stadt St.Gallen

Copyright: Standortförderung Stadt St.Gallen

For many years, the city of St.Gallen has served as the prestigious host for the renowned St.Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference. Founded by Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Joerg Senn, it quickly attracted leading experts from around the world to share their insights and shape the future treatment for individuals with early breast cancer. The St.Gallen label became synonymous with cutting-edge advancements and evidence-based guidelines. As the number of participants from across the globe grew over the years to more than four thousand, a change in the conference location became necessary. Thus, in 2015, the conference found a new home in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna, as an outstanding conference city, offers an array of advantages that perfectly complement the spirit of the St.Gallen heritage. Its state-of-the-art facilities and well-established infrastructure ensure seamless organisation and a comfortable experience for all attendees. The city's central location in Europe makes it easily accessible, encouraging a diverse and vibrant international participation.

Embracing Vienna as our new host, we continue the tradition of excellence, collaboration, and networking among breast cancer scientists. The conference proudly retains its name as the St.Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference. Together, Vienna and St.Gallen advance breast cancer care and research on a global scale. Join us in this inspiring journey at the St.Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference to forge breakthroughs and foster lasting connections the heart of Europe – Vienna.